How to Take Care of Your Jewelry?

How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

Why it happens when you wear your precious favourite jewellery, but it did not get noticed? Jewellery is one of the most cherished accessories. Everybody seeks to take care of the jewellery as best as possible. But if you followed the right things, it can make a bunch of difference and maintains the sparkle of the stone for a generation to come.

Everything fades with time, but care can maintain the glow.

Cheap or Expensive, jewellery always asks for care to extend its life and stone's glow.

Last Friday, I was dining out with my mom. She loves to dress up for our lunch dates. I noticed the dullness of her bracelets, but I was surprised because she always stays on top of things. I asked her how she cleaned her jewellery?

I got to know she is using a traditional method of cleaning jewellery, and she further mentioned that her favourite neckless turned black after cleaning.

But wait, You might be thinking about what traditional method my mom is following?

She uses tissue paper and water to clean stones. Scratch stones hard, although she thought she is cleaning accurately. But she is irreparably damaging her ornaments.  

My mom keeps all her jewellery in a single jewellery box- people usually follow this pattern of storing jewellery. It is the biggest mistake. I told my mom why it is happening, let me share all those things with you.

Know Your Jewelry

We cannot apply the same method to every type of jewellery. It is important to know the material and stones type. For example, the method we use to clean diamonds cannot be same to clean pearls. Same goes for the caring of gold jewellery is different as compared to the caring of the Gold.

My mum applied the same traditional method to silver, gold, and diamond. She ends up making her jewellery dull. It would be best if you did not do the same.

Another important thing

Do not use water while cleaning any jewellery. It is a misconception that water clears jewellery, but it turns the shine of the jewellery dull, especially silver.

7 Amazing tips on Caring for Jewelry

  1. Do not Sleep with Jewelry.

Even though you find it comfortable to sleep with jewellery, still do not wear them. Chains tangled with hair and badly broken. An earring ends up in the person's ear. It is safer for you, not to wear a type of jewellery while sleeping.

  1. Use separate bags for a different type of Jewelry.

For platinum, silver, gold, and diamond use separate bags. Do not put all your jewellery in one place. If you keep it all in one place, it will take the moisture and dulls the shine of the stones. Ziplock bags are preferable to use, and it squeezes all the air.

  1. Store Chalk with Silver Jewelry.

Silver jewellery quickly turns black or into dull silver because of the moisture. If chalk places, it will absorb all moisture. Silica bags are preferable to store silver jewellery. Never wear silver jewellery if you are going for swimming, water will turn the colour of the silver.

  1. Instead of Water Use Ultrasonic Cleaners.

Water turns the shine of stones dull. Different coloured gemstones are used and using water distorted the appearance of the gem colour. If ultrasonic cleaners used with cautions, it turned the appearance of the jewellery like a new one.

Precaution: Ultrasonic cleaners should not be used for organic gems, amber, ivory, pearls, opal, and zircon.

  1. Skincare product should not be kept with Jewelry.

Skincare products should not be kept with jewellery because perfume and other chemicals used. Skincare products or perfumes dulls the shine of the gold and silver—moreover, a soft cloth used for cleaning of the jewellery.

  1. Keep away from Sunlight.

Sunlight severely damages the skin, and it goes the same for jewellery. Gemstones badly affected by the Sunlight. When pearls are exposed to the Sunlight, they fade out the colour. The best way to protect the jewellery is to keep it in the box.

  1. Regular Cleaning of Jewelry.

If you clean your jewellery daily, it will help your jewellery to look finest. If you use paper towels or tissues, it will damage the gemstones. Keep the jewellery away from the bleach. If gemstones are cleaned with alcohol, it will give an extra charm. Platinum should be kept away from the bleach as well.

Wooden Jewelry Box

A wooden box is perfect for keeping the jewellery. Make sure there are different section to keep rings, bracelets, necklace. A wooden box should not be exposed to Sunlight, and it protects it from dust.

Moreover, a partitioned jewellery box makes it easy to put the ornaments, and it makes it easier for the polishing of jewellery. But try to dust out the wooden box daily. Try to separate the silver, gold, and platinum.

Biggest Mistake

Sometimes, the biggest people made when you try to fix the jewellery yourself. Cleaning and fixing of the jewellery are two different things. If you try to fix it yourself, it becomes more damaged. However, anytime if your jewellery is broken it is better to take to a professional jeweller.

Do not use bleaches for cleaning of the jewellery, it will fade out colour. Gold can be cleaned using dishwashing soup and rinse using water. If you are expert in using ammonia solutions, they are effective to clean jewellery.

Good Storage for Jewelry

Different jewellery types should be stored in jewellery boxes. For the storage of diamonds, jewellery pouches should be placed in pouches. If you use a jewellery box, make sure there is some soft silk fabric. Do not mix the different types of jewellery that include chains, earrings, or bracelets.

Using the jewellery pouches used to keep beads, crystal beads, gemstones, pearls protect them from damage. When you wear jewellery, do not use perfumes. Beauty products stained jewellery badly and fade out of the colour.


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