What Jewelry To Wear With What Neckline

Jewelry can make or break any outfit. Styling your jewelry in the right way can elevate any look and bring a touch of your personality to it. When choosing which pieces to wear, you will need to consider the neckline of your outfit. You want to pick jewelry that works seamlessly with your clothes, and that will stand out against your garments. Our guide on what jewelry to wear with some of the most popular choices of necklines will make it even easier to put your look together. 

  1. V-Neck

A v-neck cut is one of the most popular choices for everyday wear. It is flattering to every body type and draws the eye towards your cleavage area. Pendant necklaces and dainty jewelry work best with this neckline. You can choose a chain that sits about an inch above the lowest part of your neckline. Wider v-necks can accommodate a statement necklace, like our Triangular Leather Necklace.

  1. Collared Neckline

If your dress or blouse has a collar, then you will need to put extra thought into your jewelry picks. Your styling will depend on whether you wear your buttons closed or open. If you have a peter pan collar, then it is best to opt for jewelry with a thin chain that you can layer under the collar.

When layering jewelry on top of clothes, make sure that the stones compliment the print or colour of your clothes. It is best to opt for a piece of jewelry in a similar tone, for example, either pastel or earth tones. 

For button-up blouses, you can undo three or four of the top buttons to give the impression of a v-neckline. Changing the appearance of your button-up to have a v-neck will flatter any pendant style. 

  1. Turtleneck 

Turtlenecks are a winter wardrobe staple, and styling it with the right jewelry can help elongate your body. 

This style of top is one of the most popular for layering with other clothing, and it’s also the perfect base for layering jewelry. To contrast with the high-neckline, you will want to choose longer necklaces that sit lower against your chest. Statement necklaces, such as ropes and mix-metal chains, can be layered with daintier and shorter chains to create an asymmetrical look.

  1. Strapless neckline

A strapless neckline will always draw attention to your neck and upper chest. To let your outfit shine, you want to opt for shorter necklaces. A princess length necklace or a choker will naturally bring the eye to your collarbone without covering your décolletage. More dramatic necklaces work better with strapless necklines when the garment is in a solid neutral colour such as black or white.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want your neckline and jewelry to compliment each other. Each part of your outfit should look as though it was made for each other. One-piece can make a statement, and the other can complement it. Jewelry is a way to express your personality, and it can often hold a sentimental meaning. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with your favourite pendant or a classic gold chain. 

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